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Lake Erie Lake Erie

Written and Directed by: John Vassallo
Produced by: Devon Cody, Wildbrain Studios

When a timid young boy named Kip loses his dog Molly on the beaches of Lake Erie, he must face terrifying supernatural forces to be reunited with her.

Cat & Moth Cat & Moth

Directed by: India Barnardo
Written by: India Barnardo, Amar Chundavadra & Martyn Smith
Produced by: Sarah Dacey & Emily Shinyi Hsu

A fluffy white cat wants nothing more than to find the most comfortable spot in the universe, but little does she know someone else has their eye on it too.

Una Porción Por Envase Una Porción Por Envase

Directed by: Miguel Otálora
Produced by: Nancy Granada, Ad Infinitum & Co

After running aground in the middle of the ocean, a couple -owners of a small family tuna company- has survived by eating only canned tuna. She desires to be saved, sending rescue messages by empty tuna can. He wants her. His efforts to keep her at his side will become the vehicle of her freedom.

Pacific Rim... But Cute Pacific Rim... But Cute

Directed by: Nathan Thomas
Produced by: Little Mountain Animation

We explore some really interesting questions in this one. We love giant robots. We love giant monsters. But what if they were cute?

Glitch Glitch

Directed by: Peter Ricq
Produced by: Autacoid Films

Ever get the feeling you’re not totally in control of your destiny, that the world you know is just an illusion? What happens when that illusion crumbles… And those in control don’t take too kindly to your new found perspective on things…

Pivot Pivot

Written and Created by: Robyn Campbell
Directed by: Ana Gusson
Produced by: Tini Wider

Growing up isn’t easy, and it’s no exception for 12-year-old Ashleywhose well-meaning Mom has her own ideas about who Ashley should be.

The Fall The Fall

Directed by: Desirae Witte
Produced by: Phillapa Tanner

Leafie is a plucky little maple leaf who loves to groove. But when their latest performance takes an unexpected turn, the harsh realities of the season come crashing down.

Tehura Tehura

Directed by: Wei Li

A Tahitian dancer trying to reclaim her body and identity by confronting a tourist audience with a dance of her own.

Too Late Too Late

Directed by: Roy Stein
Produced by: Jessica Cole

Deep into the small hours of the night, drenched in black coffee and paperwork, a lonely man's sanity starts to slip away.

Cousin Arthur Cousin Arthur

Directed by: Sean Covernton

A kindly narrator is tasked with minding his disturbed cousin who has just returned home from The Institution.

Benny & Ramona's Big Break Benny & Ramona's Big Break

Directed by: Apollo Avery
Produced by: Lovebun Productions

After failing to garner attention at the fall harvest fest, budding musicians Benny and Ramona wreak havoc upon the event, bringing destruction at every turn

Smooth Talker Smooth Talker

Directed by: Brent Bouchard

A short animated film about dating... Osr talking. Or maybe both. I don't know.

Shift Shift

Directed by: Cam Swartz
Produced by: Glenn Lynch, Peter Kerkvliet

When a simple boulder’s peaceful existence is disturbed by the presence of a big rowdy bird, he finds himself forced to make a choice between his own stability and the lives of others.

The Rind The Rind

Directed and Animated by: Alex Meunier
Produced by: Alex Meunier, Nick Meunier, eclectic47

Reality, time, and human nature are the missing pieces when the final hole is found in the fabric of the universe.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Animation Ceci N'est Pas Un Animation

Directed, Animated and Written by: Federico Kempke

A group of pretentious animators are followed through the process of creating the “ultimate animated film”. But do they really have the skills to back up their claims?

Peach! Peach!

Directed by: Christina Su

A young monkey looks forward to eating a giant juicy peach, but an itchy panda makes it a challenging task.

A Mar A Mar

Directed by: Danilo Sanchez and Juan David Leon

A captain's tale of true love.

Fisherman Fisherman

Directed by: Jerry Zihua Qiu

One ominous dawn at an old shipyard, three fishermen: an engineer, a spearman, and their stalwart captain prepare to sail as a television’s report of an unknown monster calls them to action.

Prey Prey

Directed by: Joshua Ralph

Prey is a visual and poetic exploration of the effects of power lines on the birds of prey within their surrounding ecosystems.

Part of your World Part of your World

Directed and Animated by: Quinn Taketa

A girl goes fishing and winds up with a bigger catch than she ever expected.

A Simple Machine for Living A Simple Machine for Living

Directed and Animated by: Monique Motut-Firth

A Simple Machine For Living explores the idea of merging different types of movement found in game play and physics with the concept of animating a Rube Goldberg Machine (a complicated sequence of actions that result in the solving of a simple problem).

Katalog of Flaws Katalog of Flaws

Directed and Animated by: Marv Newland
Produced by: Marv Newland, International Rocketship Limited

KATALOG OF FLAWS is a fever dream stream of consciousness made on cafetable tops, on board ships, in moving vehicles, sometimes in the dark and with a variety of drawing tools, some considered dangerous by uniformed officials at international frontiers.

Cyan Eyed Cyan Eyed

Directed and Animated by: Ryan Grobins
Produced by: Ryan Grobins

After years of searching, Grunt the automaton has finally caught up with the bounty hunter, Corliss Vail to rescue the young, supernaturally gifted, Nessa Baelin from imprisonment and return her to her father.